Hyundai World Archery Championships 2023

35 34 Julia Böhnke (Sigmaringen, World Ranking-43 ): Julia Böhnke feels comfortable on both the 50m target and in field archery In both disciplines, she has already showcased her international class, winning team gold at the 2022 World Cup and bronze at the 2022 Field Archery World Championships Holger Hertkorn says, „Highly committed to archery, she develops and produces her own archery products She is also a successful field archer with international medals, making her confident and experienced in direct duels with opponents An essential pillar of the team “ Jennifer Walter (Weil im Schönbuch, World Ranking-165 ): Jennifer Walter has been competing with the international elite for four years She already has World Championships and European Championships participation, as well as five World Cup appearances under her belt, with more to come In the qualification, the 25-year-old secured the third spot in the team with confidence Holger Hertkorn says, „She has worked intensively on her shooting technique and mental strength in recent months This has made her much more consistent and self-assured, especially in team competitions An important support for the team “ Leon Hollas (Dresden, World Ranking-99 ): In the first part of the World Championships qualification, Leon Hollas achieved a new personal best of 710 points, which is highly competitive on the international stage The Dresden native has continuously developed into one of the best German compound archers Holger Hertkorn says, „Currently the strongest man in the team, with consistently high results Very motivated, goal-oriented, and diligent in training “ Florian Grafmans (Kleinlangheim, World Ranking-92 ): Florian Grafmans is yet to win an international medal However, the trend is heading in the right direction, as evidenced by his ninth-place finishes in the 2022 World Cups Grafmans, who works as a project/operational engineer in a coal and waste incineration power plant, had to miss the 2022 European Championships due to work commitments Holger Hertkorn says, „Also currently in very strong form Very active with cycling, making him fit and enduring He invests a lot of time in training “ Sebastian Hamdorf (Bad Segeberg, World Ranking-160 ): The importance of experience in archery is exemplified by Sebastian Hamdorf The 42-year-old made up a relatively large deficit from the first qualification (due to mistakenly shooting a beautiful ten on the wrong target) and qualified for his fifth consecutive World Championships Holger Hertkorn says, „The eldest in the team, but also very experienced Very self-confident “ Holger Hertkorn, Compound Discipline Manager (51 years, Kassel) Harry Vohs, Co-Trainer (64 years, Stockstadt)