Hyundai World Archery Championships 2023

15 14 The Federations DSB und WA The German Shooting sports and archery federation (DSB) is the fifthlargest Olympic sports association within the German Olympic Sports Confederation, with over 1 3 million members in nearly 14,000 clubs The DSB oversees numerous Olympic and non-Olympic disciplines in archery and shooting sports Since 2017, it has been led by Hans-Heinrich von Schönfels as the President The DSB was founded in 1861 and re-established in 1951, organized into 20 regional associations The promotion of archery and shooting sports, the regulation of training and further education as well as the promotion of marksmanship are some of the most important purposes of the DSB World Archery (WA) is the international federation responsible for the Olympic and Paralympic sport of archery Archery celebrated its 50th anniversary since its return to the Olympic program in 2022, after being part of the Games again in Munich in 1972 The sport has been a part of the Paralympics since its inception in 1960, forming the roots of themovement Founded in 1931, World Archery is responsible for regulating, developing, and promoting archery worldwide, as well as organizing World Championships in six disciplines and two annual events: the Archery World Cup and the Indoor Archery World Championship World Archery has five continental member associations and more than 160 national member associations, working to increase the sport‘s current estimated base of over 20 million participants worldwide