Hyundai World Archery Championships 2023

17 16 The Recurve Bow The Recurve bow is currently the only approved bow used in the Olympic Games It consists of several components and can be completely disassembled The core of the bow is the riser, to which an upper and lower limb are attached The string completes the „simple“ bow Two nock points can be attached to the string, between which the arrow is placed for shooting Additional components of the Recurve bow include the arrow rest, a sight, stabilizers, and a button, which stabilizes the arrow during the shot The string is drawn using three fingers, and for protection, archers use a finger tab made of leather mounted on an aluminium or brass plate Shooting is done at a distance of 70 meters, with the centre (10) having a diameter of 12 2 cm, equivalent to the size of a Compact Disk Further videos