Hyundai World Archery Championships 2023

19 18 The Compound bow The Compound bow is composed of a riser and two limbs, which are connected to each other through limb pockets and screws At the ends of the limbs, the wheels, or cams, are mounted The upper and lower cams are connected to each other by cables and a string During the shot, the string is drawn back, and the cables hold the system together The Compound cam operates based on the lever principle and behaves like a rigid lever, rotating outward during the bow‘s draw As the draw progresses, the force increases When the peak is reached, the draw weight reduces by 65-85 percent In the so-called „valley,“ the force is at its lowest This is where the stops of the cams are positioned to limit the draw The use of a Scope (target sight with bubble level and magnification) and a Peep (string peep sight) enables precise aiming The Compound bow‘s precision is fully realized when used with a release aid It can be either directly hooked into the string using a loop, or attached using a hook or calliper mechanism in a D-loop Similar to the Recurve bow, stabilizers and dampers complement the competition bow Shooting is done at a distance of 50 meters, with the centre (10) having a diameter of 8 0 cm The target face extends up to the 5-ring Further videos