Hyundai World Archery Championships 2023

39 38 World Championships-Statistics In the previous World Championships for outdoor archery – in the Recurve category since 1931 and in Compound since 1995 – a total of 268 gold medals have been awarded in individual, team and mixed events, with 206 in Recurve and 62 in Compound Two nations dominate the medal table across all events and both bow types: South Korea has won 64 gold medals, and the USA follows closely with 63 WM titles It‘s worth noting that the Korean dominance in gold medals began with the 1979 World Championships in Berlin and has been particularly strong in the Recurve category Behind them, there is a significant gap, and Sweden holds the third position with a total of 19 gold medals Germany‘s archers have claimed the World Championship title twice so far: Kristina Berger in 2013 in Antalya/TUR (Compound Individual) and the trio of Andreas Lippoldt, Bernd Schröppel, and Detlef Kahlert in 1987 in Adelaide/AUS (Recurve Team) Additionally, Germany has secured 13 more medals (9x silver, 4x bronze) The reigning champions in the Recurve category are Kim Woojin (KOR), Jang Minhee (KOR), and the South Korean teams (Women, Men, and Mixed) In the Compound division, the 2021 titleholders were Nico Wiener (AUT), Sara Lopez (COL), the USA men‘s team, the Colombian women‘s team, and the Colombian Mixed team Top 3 Nations in the Medal Table and Germany Recurve 1 South Korea: 58x Gold, 26x Silver, 21x Bronze 2 USA: 45x Gold, 28x Silver, 25x Bronze 3 Sweden: 18x Gold, 18x Silver, 21x Bronze … 16 Germany: 1x Gold, 6x Silver, 2x Bronze Compound 1 USA: 18x Gold, 11x Silver, 11x Bronze 2 South Korea: 6x Gold, 1x Silver, 5x Bronze 3 France: 5x Gold, 6x Silver, 4x Bronze … 12 Germany: 1x Gold, 3x Silver, 2x Bronze