Hyundai World Archery Championships 2023

41 40 Olympic Quota Places: From Berlin to Paris The World Championships in Berlin are primarily about crowns and medals, but it also offers a chance to secure 24 out of the total 128 (64 each for women and men) quota places for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris Obtaining these quota places is a significant goal for the DSB athletes The memory of Elena Richter‘s jubilant shout and victory dance with Lisa Unruh and Michelle Kroppen is still fresh in many people‘s minds At the 2019 WM in Herzogenbusch, Netherlands, the DSB trio celebrated the team quota place for the Tokyo Olympic Games They achieved this by securing a 6:2 victory against Mexico, advancing to the quarterfinals of the team competition However, in Berlin, advancing to the top eight teams will not be enough for securing a team quota place The World Archery has changed the rules for the allocation of the twelve coveted Olympic team places (per gender) In Berlin, only the medal winners will receive the team quota place, which means the maximum number (3 places per nation and gender) of starting spots for Paris This is the goal of all nations, including Germany The prospects are undoubtedly good, considering that the DSB women are European champions and currently ranked sixth in the world, while the men are ranked 14th The rankings are led by the South Koreans, as expected In addition to the team places, the Recurve individual competition in Berlin offers three individual places for Paris, which will be awarded to athletes whose nations have not already secured a quota place For example, if South Korea wins a team quota place, their archers will be excluded from the individual quota place allocation, and the next-ranked athletes from other nations will be eligible However, this rule only applies up to the eighth position, and only one place per nation will be awarded The first quota places for Paris 2024 were already allocated during the European Games in Krakow, Poland (June 23-29) Two individual places per gender and the victorious mixed duo were awarded The mixed team quota places were claimed by Elia Canales & Miguel Alvarino Garcia (Spain), the individual places by Penny Healey (Great Britain), Chiara Regagliati (Italy) for the women, and Florian Unruh (Germany) and Dan Olaru (Moldova) for the men Allocation of Team Quota Places for Paris 2024 (per gender) • 3 places at the WM in Berlin • 3 places at continental championships in Europe, Asia, and America • 3 places at the final team qualification tournament • 2 places based on the world ranking • 1 place for the host country Allocation of Individual Quota Places for Paris 2024 (per gender) • 5 places at continental games in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Oceania (1 each) Allocation of Individual Quota Places for Paris 2024 (per gender) • 3 places at the WM in Berlin • 6 places at continental games in Europe, Asia, and America • 10 places at continental qualification tournaments in Europe (3), America (2), Asia (2), Africa (2), and Oceania (1) • 2 places at the final qualification tournament • 2 places for the „Universality Places“ initiative A total of 128 (64 + 64) quota places are up for grabs in Berlin (9 + 9 teams, 3 + 3 individuals)